Crucible 2

Some of you may remember this post of 4 years ago ‘Crucible – an amazing experience’. It was a celebration of sculpture set up in Gloucester Cathedral and it really made a mark with me. I have used some of the photos for prompts both with the children and grown ups on 100 Word Challenge.

Well, they have done it again! We visited ‘Crucible 2’ and whilst it did not have the same gob-smacking effect as the first one, it was still pretty spectacular.

AS you enter the cathedral you are presented with ‘The Thief’ by David Mach. He did a similar exhibit last time around. This was more violent and angry.

photo (13)

The whole of the space that the cathedral has is used: cloisters, crypt, green outside. Here is a selection of what we saw

We were shown round the crypt and although we don’t usually go in for guided tours, it was really interesting to hear details of some of the pieces. for instance, this fellow was the model for Vulcan who stood so majestically by the cathedral doors last time.


This piece had a lovely story to it. It is called ‘Thames’ and is made of wonderful sparkling marble. The artist, Jordi Raga, was an apprentice stone mason in the cathedral when Crucible was exhibited. Since then he has gone away learnt his craft and returned as a sculptor in his own right.



There were 100 exhibits altogether so I will share more with you in another post. Which is your favourite of this selection?

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