Ever seen a garden with rooms? Courts Garden has!

Courts Garden

As members of the National Trust, we love to get value for our membership and visit properties when we can. The book had said that Courts Garden was a gem and they weren’t wrong!

Not just a garden

As with many National Trust properties, Courts Garden seemed to follow the formula – 18th-century house surround by a variety of garden areas. However, the house is not for visiting (apart from the cafe) as it is in private use but the 20th-century garden is fascinating. It is laid out on the site of an early 19th-century woollen mill and arranged in ‘rooms’ going from the formal through to water gardens and finally an orchard that just rambles along.


Courts Garden

Impressive frontage greeting visitors


Courts Garden

Formal area with Greek columns



Courts Garden hasn’t just the one obligatory water feature but what is described as ‘sinuous water garden and lily pond’. You have to walk along narrow paths with lush vegetation that suddenly bursts open to reveal water.

Courts Garden

What was the dye pool

Courts Garden

Sinuous connection to the water gardens

Courts Garden

Lily pond

Courts Garden – quirky and unique

As you wander around, you feel part of the quirkiness that the crooked and uneven paths give. Not a straight line in sight!

The herbaceous border is a delight as is the clipped yew hedge. Apparently, the topiary is supposed to have designed ‘blowing clouds’. I can only see commas and speech marks. What about you? 

Courts Garden

Clipped yew hedge

Something in the trees

As you wander around moving from gardens to woods towards the extensive orchard, if you look closely, you will find bird boxes in some of the trees. They are not just ordinary boxes but have an inscription from classical pieces such The Thieving Magpie by Rossini, The Lark Ascending by Vaughan Williams, Carnival of the Animals by Saint-Saens. 

There are also wonderfully intricate archways to pass through as well as a ‘garden shed’ that houses lots of information about the history of the property. 

Courts Garden


A whimsical cuppa

One of the joys of our visits to National Trust properties is a cup of tea in their cafe. Courts Garden has a few tables in an outer room of the house. As usual, the slices of cake are so large we have one between us but just look at the salt and pepper pots!


Courts Garden

Condiment set

So if you find yourself in Trowbridge, Wiltshire do take a trip around the rooms of Courts Garden. I guarantee a wonderful visit!

Are you a member of the National Trust? which is your favourite place?


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