Bristol Botanical Gardens

During the Easter holiday week-end, we visited Bristol University’s Botanical Garden. I had no idea there was one and was delighted with what I found. The many exotic plants had been joined by a varied selection of sculptures. Some of their creators were there to show how it is done. This included a small forge where iron was being shaped into amazing pieces.

This selection of glasswork shows the complexity of this art. It really comes into it’s own when the light is right and you have a window to hang it in. The flowers have ‘petals’ made of glass.

This piece reminded me of a certain bird on social media!

   In the centre of the garden is a pond and artists took advantage to share some ‘people’ around it. I was not sure about some of them although I loved the title of the ‘seed’ which was Potential.


This chap could be found in among the trees. He reminded me of other similar sculptures that I shared at Broomhill Sculpture Garden

P1010208There were other strange creatures lurking about! This dinosaur was placed amongst the monkey puzzle trees which are nearly as old as the Rex!

P1010199 P1010198It was a lovely visit because it was so understated. Please pop by again, to see the post about the plants that were on show!


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