Botanical plants

A while ago I shared a post with you about a trip to Bristol Botanical Gardens and promised I would let you see some of the wonderful plants that are housed there. The greenhouses take you to hot climes with humidity that takes your breath away when you enter them but the sights inside are well worth the clammy feeling.

I didn’t take note of their names but aren’t they beautiful?

IMG_6072IMG_6073  IMG_6074

In the greenhouses were also some sculptures. I loved this one of a kingfisher about to lunge at it’s unsuspecting prey.IMG_6075

There were some great sights around the gardens. For instance, look at this tree that had been wrapped up against to threat of frost and winter. I’m sure it has been unwrapped by now!

IMG_6061Monkey puzzle trees have always fascinated me. I lived in Southampton as a girl and there were lots there. Apparently if you mapped them they would take you to buried treasure!!


There were some wonderful flower sculptures around too. These were in the foundry area. Just look at the details on the metal.



We will certainly be visiting again next year!


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