Beryl Cook and the Toilet!

Beryl Cook’s fat ladies always make me smile! They are so comical and so like those saucy seaside postcards that you look at whilst trying to hide your giggles.

She came to art fairly late in life and used her many different experiences to create her characters. I read somewhere that she made her figures over weight (by at least 3 stone) in order to cut down the amount of canvas left to fill! Whether that is true, she certainly captured the personality of those around her. Beryl’s humour was always gentle and quite subtle but if you looked closely she was also making some relevant point to the occasion.

My reason for posting about her is that there is a wonderful exhibition of her work being run at Bristol Museum. Beryl lived in Bristol for a few years and was a regular customer at some of the city’s pubs, where she found more subjects for her pictures.

I thoroughly enjoyed wandering round looking not only at her paintings but also seeing a collection of sketches she had done. The comments from a group of lady visitors would have made her laugh I’m sure, especially when they were looking (quite closely!) at her ‘Karma Sutra’ which apparently had to be given permission from the Council to be shown!

Although I’ve lived in Bristol for over 20 years, this was the first time I had actually looked round the museum. As is my wont I paid a visit to the ladies and just had to take a picture because it was so in keeping with the exhibition.

If you look closely, you can see the slot where, when they were in circulation, you ‘Paid a Penny’!

The exhibition is free and on until August 29th. It is well worth a visit as it will bring a real smile to your cheeks – just as Beryl would have wanted!

This is not a sponsored post. I was not paid in anyway – the exhibition is free so if you can GO!

Illustration is the advertising from Bristol Museum

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