Beach huts

On our recent visit to Dorset (Swanage) I noticed that extensive renovations had taken place on the sea front. Definitely more than a face lift!

There have always been beach huts along the promenade but there were just a few and they were very basic. Now, there are lots! I hope that indicates good market research which has shown more people will be visiting and needing a hut.

Primary colours have been used not only for the doors but also to indicate zones by colours up the stair ways to. Each door has a hook to hold it open rather than needing a chair for a prop. I loved the stone seating that has been put along pavement but do worry that it may provide a further area for wet clothes and bathing apparel. Beach huts are now far more than simple changing places, with families staying all day with almost everything from the kitchen sink inside!

I seem to have a fascination for these little houses situated along our beaches. Those in Bournemouth have been painted  to match a pastel paint colour chart.

In Weymouth the chalets are put up each summer and taken away once the weather turns. They are placed right on the beach and obviously are more flimsey than the others mentioned.

However, the town has decided to make something of the tradition of having a hut to change in. In the middle of the roundabout is this fine specimen!

It is a replica of the ‘bathing machine’ used by George III who was a frequent visitor to Weymouth, spending 14 summers there between 1789 and 1805. He would be wheeled down to the waters edge before alighting to enjoy the water.

I have no knowledge of whether other cultures have these little home from homes. Perhaps my readers can help me out here!

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