An afternoon in Portishead

Those regulars amongst you will know that we like to go out once a week exploring National Trust properties or gardens or just our area. We haven’t managed to get going on this so far this year so it was great to finally make a start. With picnic packed (essential element of these days!) we set off to a town only 10 miles away – Portishead.

Now when I say town, we only visited the marina which is an area that is certainly growing not only with the very expensive boats being moored there but for the explosion of housing, all done in a modern ‘apartment’ style that is being adopted by many architects nowadays. We had found a few art pieces when we had visited previously but they have grown in number as the accommodation has increased.

This next exhibit took me straight back to the opening of the paraolympic games in London in 2012 when the huge statue of Marc Quinn’s ‘Alison Lapper Pregnant’ was the centre-piece of the finale. I was moved to write about my feelings at the time HERE

The artist is Rick Kirby who also designed the ladies above.


We have now discovered that there is a published trail with so many more pieces on it so we shall be visiting again. Next time hopefully, the weather will be a bit brighter!


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