Jane Hewitt – photographer extraordinaire!

Even at my age, I still get very excited when a package is delivered to the house and when it is addressed to me – well a huge excuse for squeeling!

Well this arrived today and I just had to share it with you. I knew it was coming but not sure when. It is a book written by my dear friend Jane Hewitt. If you follow me on twitter you may already know her, at least virtually. Jane is a photographer of immense talent. She is also a teacher, not only of children but also of anyone she comes into contact with via her photographs. She has taught me so much about how to use a photograph to really convey a story.

I was so excited when Jane’s publishers Crown House Publishing got in touch and asked me to write a short review. To be in the company of someone like Mick Waters was a real honour and for a few of my words to be on the back cover…..well!

You really do need to get your own copy to appreciate the photos inside but here you can see they are a little different from the normal gallery:

The main reason for this is that the book is a teaching resource. Now, I know you may not be a teacher Dear Reader, but you are a learner! If you have ever taken a ‘snap’ there is something here for you. Jane even explores the use of the many apps that are now on the market for all our hand-held devices.
One of my favourite joys of Jane’s work is her ‘Little People’. I had no idea you could buy additions for your photos. You can see here the sort of stories that can be told using everyday objects and little people.
My admiration for Jane’s work really knows no bounds. She can make dead flowers look exquisite and all her work stems from that eye – the eye that she has, that sees beauty all around and the talent to draw us all into the message of her photographs.

Copies can be obtained via Amazon ‘Learning Through a Lens’

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