Gorillas in our Midst!

Bristol has been overrun by gorillas!

Bristol Zoo Gardens has ‘released’ 60 full sized and numerous smaller sculptures of this magnificent beast to celebrate its 175th anniversary. Wow! Gorillas is what is known as a mass public art event. The sculptures are all around Bristol (with others as far as Birmingham) and the thinking behind the event is that people will follow the trail to find the gorillas and in the process see Bristol in a different light.

Meet Irene!

Bristol Zoo Gardens 'Wow! Gorillas'

Yes – I know. How can a Bristol Rovers kitted male gorilla be called Irene? Well, Bristol Rovers song in ‘Irene Goodnight’ and as they are also called the pirates, Irene is suitably attired with eye patch!

The gorillas have been designed and decorated by local artists, residents, schools and businesses. They will be out on the streets until September 7th when they will all be auctioned. The money raised will be shared between Bristol Zoo Gardens gorilla conservation projects and Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Appeal which is raising money for Bristol Royal Hospital for Children.

As yet we have only visited about half of these brilliant specimens. They all have their own character and personality. This one is called ‘Wow Bristol’ and it has all the landmarks of Bristol drawn on each side.

Bristol Zoo Gardens 'Wow! Gorllias'Bristol Zoo' Gardens 'Wow! Gorllias

If you are in the Bristol area, do pop in and collect a map and go on a gorilla hunt. It is well worth the effort and the kids love it! Make sure you bring a camera or a well charged phone because you will want to keep some memories!

Bristol Zoo Gardens 'Wow! Gorlillas'

Bristol Zoo Gardens 'Wow! Gorillas'











This is the Zoo Keeper






This is 24 Carat Camo. Such a sad face!

This is not a sponsored post in anyway. I live in Bristol and feel really proud of this event so I’m happy to blog about it!

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