Bristol’s Graffiti! – Brilliant!

First we gave you ‘The Gorillas’ ! Now it’s graffiti!

Street artists have taken over one of the main roads in the centre of Bristol and have transformed it into an art gallery. The artists have travelled from all over the world and spent a few days turning a concrete jungle into a sight for all eyes.

Bristol has a great history of street art that is in many ways thanks to the artist Banksy who is known worldwide for his use of graffiti to make political and social statements. His free exhibition in Bristol Museum last year brought hundreds of people to Bristol and certainly helped boost the income for the City at a time of recession. It is hoped that these works will have a similar effect. It is amazing and it is FREE!

I don’t know details of each of the pieces in this ‘See No Evil’ graffiti exhibition but can tell you that the Mother and Child piece is four storeys high whilst the man in the bowler hat pouring red paint stretches 11 storeys! Many of them have been created on the sides of buildings not associated with art and community (old police station and juvenile courts!) and some of the pieces reflect an abhorrence with the banks – see the Monkeys and the Skeleton. I’m stunned to think they have all been done with aerosol cans!


Bristol City Council has done well with this venture. It has provided funding to get some of the artists here as well as organising road closures and ‘cherry pickers’ needed to get to the top of the building.

Certainly when we visited, there were lots of people there so it looks like another successful mass public art event. Among the comments I heard was a young lad saying ‘Let’s hope this shows that graffiti isn’t vandalism’. Well you’d be hard pressed to put it in that category!

If you can –


This post is for the Gallery that this week celebrates World Photography Day. I certainly hope the world visits Bristol with their cameras. Do pop over the Sticky Fingers to see other celebrations. Click the lens cap!

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