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The other day when I was doing my shopping in Tesco, I came across a group of primary children being encouraged to taste herbs. They were then moved along to bananas and later I could hear the assistant talking about potatoes!
I was intrigued and noticed ‘Farm to Fork Trail’ on the back of one of the high-vis tops the children were wearing so when I got home I did a bit of research. It turns out that Tesco have been quietly (well I’ve not heard about it!) running The Eat Happy Project. It’s aims are to make sure the next generation has a ‘healthier, happier relationship’ with food based experiencing where it comes from, how to cook it and how to make good decisions about eating.
Now that the school summer holidays are here they are running:

  • Cooking classes for 5-13 (split into 3 groups) see HERE for availability
  • Parent and Child Farm to Fork Trails – just ask in your local store

Once schools go back (I know you don’t want to think about it!) they can sign up for:

  • Farm to Fork Trails – in local stores
  • Farm to Fork Trails that visit local farms. Help can be provided towards transport costs
  • Online Field Trips – broadcast live from farms and factories across the globe, children can see behind the scenes to discover where the food on their food comes from, and chat to real growers and producers using Google+ Hangouts

I am told that there are lots of ideas and events in the pipeline for this project so do get involved. This is not a sponsored post. I just think it is a fabulous idea that needs lots of exposure to get as many families and children involved as possible!

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  • Thanks very much for posting about this, Julia. Some of the work that this project does will fit in perfectly with some of my project work my Y2s will be doing in the Spring term. Looking forward to chatting to my year partner about it tomorrow!

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