5 High-Tech activities to stop kids getting bored

Jenny Wise has selected ‘5 High-Tech activities’ that really should stop children getting bored especially when the sun has disappeared.
5 High-Tech activities
Parents are hearing more and more about “screen time” and the drawbacks of kids spending too much time watching TV or using mobile devices. But during those rainy days when kids can’t go out to play, it can be hard to find activities that are fun, fresh, and educational. The truth is that this is the perfect time to use the internet to do all of those things, so “screen time” is enriching rather than mindless. These are just a few of the amazing activities your kids will love doing online when they can’t get outside.
#1  Art Lessons
Parents don’t have to be artists to give kids opportunities for art instruction at home. From homeschool art curricula designed to give high-quality art instruction to free YouTube videos on specific art subjects your child likes, the internet is a vast resource for learning art. To make it even easier for your child to focus their attention on their work, set up a designated place where art supplies are organized and easily accessible, and create a special spot in your home where they can work.
#2  Movement
When kids can’t run and play outside, they may not be getting the physical activity they need. According to MomJunction, aerobic activity is anything that gets your heart rate up and blood pumping through the body, and it’s essential for kids to be healthy and develop strength. While you don’t want kids running through the house, the internet can be a great tool for them to get some aerobic activity right in your living room. Dance videos are ideal because dancing helps with coordination and makes you feel carefree, so it’s a great activity to boost your child’s mood and help with behavior.
#3  Hands-On Science
Using the internet, you and your kids can explore the natural world through science games and even find hands on experiments you can do at home, like this Rainbow Magic Milk experiment from Earth Science Jr. with detailed instructions and an explanation of the science behind it, these activities are both interactive and educational. For more science fun that combines history, nature, and geography, KQED News recommends National Geographic Kids. And while you’re learning about science, check out some lesson plans from HomeAdvisor on applying real-world math.
#4  Music
Your kids’ artistic creativity doesn’t need to be limited to paper. No matter what age kids you have, the internet and mobile apps can provide fun and interactive music education. Preschoolers can use music apps that allow them to play around with sound and get a basic introduction to instruments, while older kids can learn to read music and even take lessons online. Online music lessons are ideal as a boredom-buster because not only can your child learn from the comfort of home, but learning an instrument is also an activity that takes commitment. Rainy days are the perfect time for kids to set aside time on a consistent basis for lessons and practice.
#5  Coding and Web Design
Why just use the internet to learn other subjects when you can learn how the internet and computers actually work? Coding is the language of the future, so let kids get a jump start on learning it with fun and engaging websites designed to teach programming to kids. Many of these websites use games, so kids are having fun while they learn. It’s also extremely rewarding for kids to see their creations come to “life.”
Every parent knows the struggle of keeping kids happy after yet another rainy day spent at home. In truth, we have it better than ever with all of the digital opportunities at our fingertips. So use the bad weather to take back screen time by making technology your tool for fun and educational activities that keep boredom away.

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