My week – 7th November

My week included a football match with a very moving minutes silence being observed. The only sound was from the seagulls circling above.

I went to a school to share learning with pupils who are Digital Leaders. They can show you a thing or two in the world of digital  learning. It was right that their arrival should be heralded by balloons! As for the Rhino – well it held all sorts of technical and mechanical wizardry. The organizer then appeared on the front cover of a magazine that landed on my door mat!

The gas men have arrived in the street and I fear that they are going to be with us for a while. As they put up their barriers so the rain came down. So much for that extended warm patch.

During the week I met up with some very enthusiastic fellows who are keen to get a Spanish version of 100wc off the ground. We have a blog which is a start!

Our week ended with supper with friends who have just returned from a 3 week holiday in Egypt. They were celebrating 30 years of marriage so thought they would do something special. It sounded like a real adventure. As my grandmother lived in Cairo, it has always been somewhere I have wanted to visit – even more now!


So, how was your week? What did life throw at you?

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