My Week – 31st October

This week included the family on a flying visit. It is our grand daughter’s second birthday soon but we are not able to be there so we had a party of our own! So we purchased jelly, ice cream, a birthday cake and fireworks.

Little one was did not like the fireworks but the cake went down well as did the visit to Bristol Zoo. It is such a great place to explore whether you are big or small. The lion gave you the feeling that if his mood changed – watch out!

The week also included a visit to London. I can’t say anything about it at the moment but look at the pictures and all will be revealed at the beginning of December!

The week ended with a trip ‘up north’. Gillingham FC are playing Fleetwood so we took the opportunity for an overnight stay in Sale. On the way we visited the Crooked House’. It is very disconcerting to the eyes, ears and balance!! You can roll a penny on a surface that looks like it will descend but it goes up!!


imageBy the way, we had a trike for our birthday from Gamma and Ganpa. We love our pink helmet so will be very safe on the road!

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