My Week – 28th November

It looks from this collage like the week was full of cake! It wasn’t really. There was frost, a podcast, a governors meeting with a difference and a teachmeet!

The frost was lovely to see and provided quite a few opportunities for photos and leaves to scuff in. The governors meeting was more like a workshop and it really got everyone involved. This was so much better than people sitting their being fed information to digest.

The podcast was great fun! I talked ( & talked & talked!) about 100 Word Challenge. It’s HERE if you fancy a listen! A teach meet is just like it says on the tin – a group of teachers meeting together to share ideas for the classroom. It was held at Southbourne Junior School which is right on the border with Hampshire so definitely my neck of the woods.

The school has the most amazing displays ( cake!) and has found the ideal way to cover swathes of bare walls, usually assigned to busy teachers to cover with children’s work. The school uses motivational quotes! They have them from Walt Disney, J.K. Rowling, even Batman! Very creative!


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