My Week – 21st November

Another busy one with lots of school time. I spent time with my lovely head teacher at the school where I am chair of governors. We are expecting Ofsted anytime so we are constantly looking at the framework!

Visting at the moment is lovely as there is still plenty of colour in the grounds that the school sits in.

Later in the week, I had a wonderful time with a year 6 at a school that is a great supporter of 100 Word Challenge. It was great to see the enthusiasm for the prompt and to see that even pencil and paper are used when your have a great idea!

By Friday it was only right and proper to have a well-deserved drink with hubby and of course, crisps are an essential addition. For those of you who will be wondering, the gas men have now gone (hurrah!) but not before they brought a huge Tarmac lorry to fill in all the holes that the previous group had made!


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