Hospital, detox and falling rates! How was your day?

Thursday from hell

I like Thursdays.

It’s the promise of Friday being just around the corner and of course everyone knows Friday is the best day of the week. But I didn’t enjoy this Thursday. Not one bit. It was the Thursday from hell!

It was in the air

Have you ever had that feeling that the universe was trying to tell you something? That, no matter how much you want to ignore something, there are messages, hints, feelings everywhere you look? The world decided yesterday to fanfare digital detox. We are all too attached to our devices and it’s bad for our children who could go the same way.

I’m sure the Pokemon Go folks wouldn’t agree and the point has been made that when they are chasing those little critters, they are at least,out in the open air so it’s not all bad.

Anyway back to the detox. I loved the phrase of an expert on TV, who earns a living helping people to prize themselves from their phones (apparently she’s a psychologist!) saying we need ‘to put ourselves on airplane mode’. It sounds so easy and I suppose it is but I know I couldn’t do it, and especially not on my Thursday from hell!

Hospital visit

I’d got a message from Facebook telling me that I had to log in and when I tried, I got one of those messages you dread. Sort of the equivalent of the old BLUE SCREEN that put terror into every PC owner when it appeared. The end of the world was nigh and you will be lucky to survive.

It was telling me in order for my computer to be safe I had to download some software. Now I’ve been around long enough to know not to press download but, I couldn’t get out of the screen and back into FB. The tension was awful as I tweeted and posted asking for answers. Finally, we took the black box that seems to contain my world to our local lads to sort it out. It was cleaned thoroughly (how does it get that much rubbish in it?) and we collected it BUT I was still getting the FB message.

Well, you’d think I had lost both arms, all my money and any future beyond a couple of minutes. I was in bits!! My wonderful husband unplugged it all and we took it back to the ‘PC hospital’ and left it with a different doctor.

Final straw

We went and had some tea, shared some cake and returned home where I focused on getting the supper. ‘All would be well eventually’ that wonderful man I married assured me. Just as my shoulders had stopped being attached to my ears and my heart stopped thumping quite so hard, the final nail in the coffin arrived.  The interest rate had been reduced by the Bank of England!

Now, we are both on pensions that don’t rely on the stock market flourishing so low interest rates don’t affect them. But we don’t have a mortgage and had planned for our holiday fund to be swelled by the interest we gained from our small savings pot, so we haven’t been able to really get the benefit of low interest rates. We had hoped that at some time in the near future they might have gone up, just a little, but a further cut was not want we wanted to hear.

…and so to bed

So the day ended. I try to reflect on each day and find some ‘good learning’ in it. What had my Thursday from hell brought me? Well, the understanding that I probably do need help with a detox, the local PC hospital is fab but you have to be patient and money isn’t everything.

And what shall I do tomorrow?


Thursday from hell

I think hugging a tree sounds a safe bet. Want to join me?

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  • I hope it all is better. For me, I solve many things with a bubble bath and a book, and wine!

  • Enjoy hugging trees.

  • “If thats the worst thing that happens this week, it’ll be a good week” a slight modification of my usual mantra in which it’s day not week, hope Friday was better

  • I’m sorry you had such a bad day, it will be all right in the end, meanwhile maybe you could use a pen and some paper? 😉

  • But you do have to be careful hugging those trees. Some of that bark can be brutal.
    I think I’d opt for a good cup of coffee and a big piece of chocolate cake — preferably at a small, quiet cafe with soft lights and no noise.

  • Yep, I think hugging a tree is the only answer 🙂

  • Sounds like time to curl up with a good book and a martini. 🙂

  • Moj czwartek tez był przedsionkiem piekła. Moja wnuczka, ktora przyjechala do mnie na wakacje,naburmuszyła sie i wyszła z domu ze swoimi bagazami. Moj mąz jest aniolem na trudne dni. Uruchomil samochod i pojechal za nia. Zanim ja znalazl ,ona już była w domu .To dla mnie bardzo stresujacy czwartek. Jest piatek , ona milczy jak zaklęta. Moze przemysliwuje sytuacje z czwartku. Jak rozmawiac ,bądz co badż z 20-latką,studentka czwartego roku Prawa, zeby sie nie obrazala. i nie odpowiadala,ze jest dorosla.?

    • Thank you Roma. For my none Polish readers, here’s the translation:

      My Thursday also was the antechamber of hell. My granddaughter , who came to me on vacation, scowled and left the house with their luggage. My husband is an angel on difficult days . Started the car and drove behind her . Before he found it , she was already in the house .It very stressful for me Thursday. It’s Friday, it is silent laughs. Maybe przemysliwuje situations Thursday. How to talk , at any rate with a 20 -year-old , fourth year student of the law, not to offend . and he answered that he is an adult. ?

  • Hmmm…. you have the freedom and knowledge to make use of modern technology equipment in your everyday life. You have the financial means to seek help from professionals when you can’t fix a problematic computer. You have good health that allows you to enjoy nice comfort food. You have pension to provide the sense of security and assurance. Best of all, you have a wonderful person to share your woes and nice food… Life is fabulous! Isn’t it? 🙂

    Hope everything is going well for you on Friday!

    • You are SO right Rene! I do know how lucky I am especially with my wonderful hubby. Hopefully the story will bring a smile to someone who might be feeling down. Thanks for stopping by!

  • I’ll hug a tree with you! Thursday was an awful day in hell from my husband was running around in circles trying to fix the car so he could register it. I had the pleasure of keeping him calm, so the day for me was rather long and exhausting! Hopefully Friday turns for the better!

  • I love your sense of humor! It’s frustrating when we have one of THOSE days! However, I love your very safe suggestion. I’ll come hug a tree with you! And then, let’s have ice cream afterwards.

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