How to Look Fabulous Forever with a little help from Tricia

Look Fabulous Forever

Everyone wants to know how to Look Fabulous Forever and in this post, I’ll share some wonderful products to help you in this quest!


How to Look Fabulous Forever

What is hidden in the silver package?


From the moment this silver package dropped through my letterbox, I was emersed in luxury. The blue sticker was so positive and inviting and that flower has become part of my daily routine.

‘Look Fabulous Forever’  is a beauty brand created by Tricia Cusden that develops and sells makeup products specifically formulated to suit mature skin. Now, I don’t know about you but I thought having reached that age where you have to accept that your skin is mature, simply from the time it has been covering your body, then it is best to give in gracefully rather than looking at the younger models out there.

I was approached by Look Fabulous Forever to see if I would like to try some of the products they provide. Now, if you have been a regular reader, you will know that I’m quite picky about which brands I will support. For me, there has to be more than a freebie in it. The thing that struck me with LFF was that they don’t pretend. How often have you watched an advert for ‘ageing skin’ modelled by someone in their early 20s if not teens?!!

The models that show you through the very useful tutorials are ‘untouched’. They are normal women, with normal skin with its normal foibles. So, I was happy to work with LFF.

Now, what was in the package:


How to Look Fabulous Forever



  • A foundation base
  • A lip primer
  • Two lipsticks

Not much you might think but let me tell you it was all gorgeous!



Choosing your colours

It can be daunting to try colours when you are in a shop with the goods in front of you but – online! Well, LFF has thought about that. Here on their ‘Choosing the right Colours’ page is all the information you need and more. It actually gets you thinking about your face and how you make it up to add to your overall appearance rather than covering up the bits you may not like!

So, the base 02 was the most suitable for my medium skin and it was like cream to apply. It gradually disappeared as I smoothed it across my face and down my neck. Gorgeous!


I’ve got a thing about lips

When I retired, I promised myself that I would never leave the house without some lippy on! This has resulted in my lipstick bag!

How to Look Fabulous Forever


I like to coordinate everything so that has been my excuse for collecting so many! Now that the years are galloping by, I do find that bleeding at the bottom lip, particularly when applying a brighter, darker colour so the lip primer I was sent is ideal.

Just look at the detail on the product. Remember that flower? And the silver theme is continued with the lettering.


How to Look Fabulous Forever


…and finally

The lipsticks. Now, hands up how many of you have ordered a lipstick or even bought one that looked THE PERFECT COLOUR, only to find when it arrives and you open it, it is nothing like the colour palette? I was invited to pick two colours and rather than be disappointed, I sat hubby in front of the screen and asked him to choose. His instructions were something pink and a brown. He chose (and I agreed with his choice) Sweet Pea and Rosewood. What I love about choosing the colours, you are shown real lips wearing that colour so when I opened them, I wasn’t surprised that they were the EXACT colour I had seen on the screen. They are gorgeous and last much longer than some of my others. Look…..


How to Look Fabulous Forever


I promised you luxury and I’m sure you’ll agree, it is here. Taking an interest in how you look can make such a difference to how you feel. How to Look Fabulous Forever is certainly easier than I thought it could so do check out the site and see for yourselves.


Is your skin ‘mature’? How do you give it a treat?




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