How to live a well-balanced lifestyle

Are you confused when you consider how to live a well-balanced lifestyle? When things get busy, finding a way to bring balance into your life can seem impossible, but making small changes can have a huge impact. From eating better and being more active in switching off and socialising, here is a straightforward plan to achieving that balance.


How to live a well-balanced lifestyle


Develop healthy eating habits


It’s easy to reach for the quick food option when every day seems like a rush – processed foods and high cholesterol foods being high on that list. Not only does this come with potential long-term health implications, but it can also lead to you feeling sluggish and underperforming in all aspects of your life too.


Here are some healthy eating tips to incorporate into everyday life:


  • Eat a balance of carbs, healthy fats and protein at every meal.
  • Eat a variety of different coloured fruit and veg.
  • Eat little and often – that’ll help stop the binges.
  • Avoid high cholesterol foods – high cholesterol foods to avoid include fatty meats, cakes, full-fat butter and biscuits.
  • Make a meal plan.
  • Pack your own lunches.
  • Make extras and freeze leftovers for a later date.


Focus on your physical wellbeing


There’s an old mantra that says, ‘healthy body, healthy mind,’ and it’s certainly true. Improvements in your physical wellbeing can bring a whole raft of benefits that’ll improve your overall wellbeing. These include:


  • Increased energy.
  • Increased motivation and focus.
  • Boost in confidence.
  • Improved mood.
  • Strengthened muscles and joints.
  • Improved cardiovascular fitness.
  • A better night’s sleep.


Whether it’s taking up a new hobby, going back to an old one or just enjoying the simple pleasures of a walk in the countryside, physical activity should always be a part of a balanced lifestyle.


Take some time to relax


From being active to doing nothing, the chance to spend a little time just relaxing is one that we all need to incorporate into our lives. Sometimes just five minutes a day can make a huge difference – the chance to switch off, breathe deeply and recharge. Schedule it into your day and you’ll be well on your way to a calmer you.

How to live a well-balanced lifestyle


On top of that, make sure you get enough sleep. Combine the two with five minutes of breathing or meditation before you hit the pillow – that should help you get better sleep too.


Find time for your friends


Perhaps the most important part of a well-balanced lifestyle is to find the right work-life balance. Getting out of work mode to socialise not only gives you the opportunity to mingle with friends and/or meet new people, but it also allows you to switch off from your professional life for a while.


Finding this balance will really help on both fronts, so you’re not just focused on one or the other. Use your diary to organise a get-together, rather than just arranging it verbally – when it’s written down you’re far more likely to go through with it.


Put these tips into practice and you’ll soon be smiling about your new healthy and balanced lifestyle!

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  • Dee

    Very good to start the year as you mean to go on, and with the lockdown it is vital to keep physically and mentally healthy. Amazing how food affects the mind.

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