How to approach a really manic week!

manic week

You’ve only got to look at the diary to know this is going to be a manic week!



Well, the week starts with a  session with my wonderful coach who will boost my confidence and point me in the right direction for the next week of developing the Head’s Office business.

I then go to one of the schools I’m supporting as a governor. This will be a double whammy because the first meeting will be looking at staffing and the structure for what looks like an interesting year for the school. This will then lead into a finance committee meeting where we will try to find a way of spreading too few pennies too many areas!



Hair cut day! It’s going to be tricky because I was growing it to cut it (if you see what I mean)( but I’ve lost the plot a bit and can’t remember what style I was aiming for. I just know that it needs a CUT!

I have then got another Skype session with a new friend looking at the best way to talk to clients. You’d think I would know how to do that BUT when it is for business I become tongue-tied especially when it comes to talking money! 

Early evening will see me at Endeavour Academy Trust where I’m chair of HR. The agenda is, as always full!



The middle of the week definitely has a social feel to it. We are taking my sister-in-law Margaret out for lunch. You may remember her from this visit to London (Margaret)

Nick is going out in the evening with his chums so that will be a chance for me to do some catching up online and with my jigsaw, which, as those of you who know me well is always out on the table.



We are spending the week-end in Manchester, staying at a favourite hotel of ours in Sale. Hopefully,

the journey will be OK as we get to visit a dear friend in Halifax on the way.



Hubby and I will be parting company on Friday. I am attending a conference for academy folk while he takes the opportunity to see an old friend in Leeds. 



Another day apart, when I will be going to the National Governors Association conference and AGM. I think Nick has yet to decide how he will spend his day. It is bound to involve lunch and walking!

While we’re in Manchester we will have the chance for some lovely suppers together which always make a trip away worth it.


But there’s more!

As you can see Sunday will be spent resting providing I have managed to fit in:

  • Cleaning the house
  • Starting 2 daily challenges
  • Publishing the showcase for 100 Word Challenge
  • Preparing the next challenge to go out on Sunday.
  • Popping here to share a post or two


So, how will I manage?

Well, by sharing with  you, I’m hoping that will keep me on the straight and narrow  each day. The idea of listing it each

The idea of listing it each day, is to keep me focused and not feel that over-whelm that comes from a busy list.

Having it written down will mean I can ‘tick it off’ as I go which is always good for motivation.

Now comes your part – 


How do you manage a manic week?


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