Day #5 What am I learning in self-isolation?I hate it!



Ten days with no interruptions, no appointments, or meetings. Heaven? No – hell! Self-isolation has been so hard & I’m only halfway through.

Who would have thought that there could be something worse than a tight lockdown? Well, we had a routine. We made sure that we went out each day for a walk. We were able to go shopping at Tesco where we found our social life for those months. The one thing that got to me after a few weeks was having to plan all menus & cook all the meals.

Now you might wonder why that was hard. Well, I’m a bit spoilt & if the day has been hard I can suggest we go out for supper & because there is a huge choice of eateries nearby, I usually get my way. Of course, during the lockdown, nothing was open. In a way, although that was hard, it was easy because we couldn’t go anywhere.

Self-isolation – the difference

Now everything is open & although there are still restrictions providing you wear a mask & probably book a table you could go out EVERY night!


I’m in self-isolation ( see ‘When your phone pings’) so I still have to plan the meals & cook them all. I’m so lucky that I have Nick to do the shopping as he is not self-isolating. I know many of you will suggest we get a takeaway but apart from walking along the harbour in Weymouth in April eating fish & chips, take-away is not something we do.

What am I learning?

I have been very surprised how being locked in rather than locked down has affected me. When I read the message that went with the ‘ping’ on my phone I was shocked. I was then upset because yet another holiday would have to be cancelled. Over the next day, I decided that I was going to take advantage of having an unexpectedly empty diary. There have been times over the past year when I would have given the world to have nothing to do. I wrote a list with ‘blogging, gardening, house cleaning (I find it relaxing!)’, among other things.

What I didn’t plan for was how my emotions would fluctuate. I am still angry. I keep repeating that I have had both jabs & a test which proved negative so why the restriction? As you can imagine knowing that things are going to change soon for those of us lucky enough to have those two injections has not helped my temper. Nick has had to explain that it is not about me being a danger but about getting as many people as possible to ‘double jabbed’ status – but the little voice still grumbles. ?

Physically I’m tired. How does that work then if I’m not doing anything! I’m also feeling below par & I think that is because mentally I feel I SHOULD be poorly if I’m not allowed out. It is all very complicated but thankfully will be over soon.

One thing I do know is that I would be no good on a desert island although as least there I’d be able to get out for a walk!

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