Last Week I Learnt That….Week#60

  • My fingers are creating a new vocabulary. I have had an iphone for a while and an ipad for about four months and through them I am consistently creating new words. For instance, I always type msny thsnks. Much nicer to read than boring many thanks. Then there is the constant use of fir  rather than for.I’m also noticing csn / sny in place of can /any. Are you creating a new language with your fingers?
  • I can cry at any story with a happy ending.This week it was the story of  Frankel, a thorough bred horse who has won every race he has been entered for. It was his last race at the week-end and although we are not racing fans, we have to watch to see if he would go out with a win. Of course he did and I had tears in my eyes at the end! He now goes off to stud to earn £100 million pounds! Another tear jerker!
  • The old medicine is the best. When I was poorly with a cough and cold, my mum would treat me to some Lucozade. I knew I was not well when she gave it to me because it was expensive to buy but it was a treat to help me feel better. I’ve been fighting a really nasty cold over the past week then remembered ‘Mother’s medicine’. Oh goodness, it took me back when I tasted it.
  • It is disappointing when your colleagues let you down. I went to a Teachmeet, which is just as it says on the tin – a group of teachers meeting to share good classroom practice. It was the first to be held at this school and the headteacher had got the cook to prepare an immense feast. Unfortunately the 60 or so that were expected turned out to be 19. Very disappointing but it did mean a doggy bag for all!
  • Sandwiches with the crusts cut off do taste better! (Photo as an example not the event!)
  • It is very sad that children are being terrified of the internet. Schools use the internet most days and children are used to posting their work up but some schools restrict who can see that work limiting it to just the school community. When asked how they felt about that, some children explained that it kept them safe because there could be adults pretending to be children who wanted to hurt them. I was disappointed that learning had been missed. Crossing the road is dangerous. There are lots of reckless drivers out there but we would not think of stopping children crossing over. We teach them how to do it safely.

Another busy week for this lady. What did you get up to? 

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