Last Week I Learnt That ….#8

  • Nothing beats meeting the author of a great initiative! I was lucky enough to get together with Ros Wilson who is the founder of the ‘Big Writing’ scheme. It is now being used in many schools across this country and overseas. I had a bit of an idea of what it entailed but no comprehension of the power of it until I heard the ‘Mistress’ present it. As with many things it is the passion of the delivery that grips you. Many teachers in the room went away inspired to really move their children’s literacy skills on but with a love of language and not a formula.
  • My garden is a great place! I spent just an hour tidying, digging planting bulbs for next year. It exhausted me but it was a great feeling of achievement. I must get out there more often!
  • Doing a job you’ve been putting off for ages gives you such a great feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. Why do we procrastinate over things? What is it that makes us do some tasks regularly but others with such reluctance that it become a massive battle of wills almost? I don’t know about you but I have this voice in my head on these occasions. It is saying ‘You’ll feel better when you’ve done it’. Like a teenager, that makes me more determined NOT to do it! When I was nervous about going somewhere or doing something, my mother had a saying ‘You’ll be fine when you get there / start it’ and as we all know mother’s are always right!
  • When a top of the range hotel offers rooms at a discount, you can bet you will pay the difference somewhere else in their services! Everything else has a price and it is quite high!
  • I have a worrying attachment to the internet. Over the past week I was without a connection for 2 days. It wasn’t a planned divorce. In fact I had planned ahead (LWILT #7) I took my netbook with me and my dongle but the latter was not happy with the reception it got and the former ran out of battery! The result was a VERY stressful week as I tried to catch up with life. Now, when did I become this internet nerd? How did I go from being a retired head teacher to a participant on the blogosphere? Answers below please!
So…what did your week bring you? Happiness? Smiles? Do share! Write a post & tell us about it!

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  • I have comments and answers for all of your discoveries this week, thanks for sharing them. So: 1) I’d love to here more about the Big Writing scheme. My high school had a successful writing initiative that inspired me, and I’d love to learn more. (Here’s a post I wrote about it

    2)Gardens are fabulous. I don’t have one now, but we’ve been putting bird feeders in the wilderness behind the house, and magic things have happened.

    3) I think procrastination comes from two spaces, either fear or the knowledge that once we finish the dreaded task (like laundry) we are simply going to have to do it again. 😉

    4) It amazes me how much top rated hotels gauge you.

    5) You saw my trauma without regular access to internet. This place has provided a way to reach out to the world and have your voice heard, no wonder it is so addicting.


  • “just start it” is motto in itself. We always think of the size of the overall task, jump to the end and see how far we have to go – just concentrating on starting something can make all the difference.


    ps thank you for introducing me to Touch2touch’s blog, i am thoroughly enjoying it.

  • Just like it did to all of us, left foot right foot — one post at a time —
    and then, critical mass!
    The army of the internet nerds claims another recruit 🙂

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