Last Week I Learnt That…#67

  • Technology is great but…! We were sent a couple of very short clips of our granddaughter this week. She has learnt how to roll and it was so lovely to see her. Such effort and determination so I’m very glad the technology is there to let us share. Of course, the down side is that we are reminded of the distance between us and how quickly she is growing.
  • Putting up the decorations takes longer than you think! Our decorations consist of  a 5 ft tree and some Christmassy ornaments which are placed on our display unit. Not very much at all but somehow dressing the tree takes SOoo long!
  • If you see a gift you want to get, buy it when you see it. Hubby left the purchasing and of course it had gone the next day when he went back!
  • Letting someone with OCD help with Christmas decorations can try your patience. Yes – this is a hubby story. He offered to put the lights on the tree and as I’m quite short I accepted happily. I said I would do the other trimmings then add the decorations to the tree. Little did I know that I would also have time to cook the tea and write a blog by the time the lights were ‘in the right place’! Bless him!
  • Christmas decorations hold lots of memories. We had a lovely hour sitting and remembering where we have got our various bits and bobs.
  • I really must take the time to read the labels and instructions on things. Saves time in the long run!
  • Christmas lights have a limited life span. We have several set of lights and have been very lucky that they have lasted so long. They are the sort with larger, fewer bulbs which give a really ‘solid’ light. Sadly they are crying out to be replaced now but of course as often happens ‘they don’t make them like that anymore’. Still we will have to be brave next year otherwise it will be pointless putting them up with only a few lit!

How are your preparations for the festive season coming along? Do your lights work?

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