Last Week I Learnt That ….#66

  • Time flies! This time last year, I promised myself that by now ( are you keeping up?!) I would have put ll our Christmas addresses onto the PC as a mail- merge thingy. Guess what – I’m sitting with the address book and a pen! Next year …..!
  • Sculptures can make you cry. We have had a couple of days in London and one one the places I wanted to visit was the new Bomber Command memorial. It is stunning. The bronze is raw in many ways with such pathos in the expressions. The memorial was a long time in being agreed to. Despite losing thousands of men, the command was always thought of in a lesser way to the other squadrons
  • Free extras are great! We always stay at the Strand Palace when we go to London. We don’t go very often so it is always a very special event. My husband always used the hotel when he was working so it is a natural choice for us. It is a super place to stay as it is very central and always feel ‘proper’. Recently though, the cost of extras like wifi and leaving luggage did make it even more expensive than some of it’s rivals. I am however, pleased to announce that both those services now carry no charge! Thank you Strand Palace!
  • Black socks are different colours! As you might expect, this is a hubby ‘OCD’ tale! Although all his socks have been bought from the same shop and they all had ‘BLACK’ on the packet, they are apparently different shades. It took my husband ages ‘sorting them out so they are pairs’!
  • If you don’t do it when you think of it you miss out. I’m referring to booking tables to take friends out for supper. We should have made the call when we first made the arrangement  As it is we are not going to the ‘country’ of our choice! It will be good to see them though.
A little holiday with lots of sight seeing for me. How was your week? 

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