Last Week I Learnt That…#61

  • Councils are sneaky in ways they make money. We live in a cycling city so there are lots of lanes on our roads around town – some for bikes others for buses. They are usually different colours so motorists are clear where they begin and end. Imagine our surprise when we received a fine in the post for straying into one of them, especially as it was hubby driving and we know he behaves! They sent a picture and we were half a car in the bus lane at 5 minutes before the end of the restriction. Why hadn’t he seen it? Well there was no colour difference and only a tiny sign on a lamp post saying ‘End of bus lane’!
  • Samosas in an Indian restaurant are so much nicer than those from a super market
  • When the season change the garden can really look a mess. I think that is Nature’s way of making us get out there and sort it out before the winter sets in.
  • Cars look so much better for a clean
  • Being nominated for an award is thrilling! I have been nominated for two categories for a NAACE impact award. One for global impact and the other for primary education. It meant so much that folks out there think such good things about 100 Word Challenge that they took time to put together a piece to submit for the award. I’d be delighted to win of course but the most important thing is the nomination from the people who know!
  • Sometimes the title of a meeting belies the content. It can actually be very interesting!
  • Meeting up with colleagues you haven’t seen for a while can help your feet stop aching. I was invited to a celebration of governance and was presented with a certificate (and my picture on the wall) for my work. That was really super and there were lots of people I have worked with as a head teacher and governor over the years who I had not met for a while. My feet were aching as it was a ‘mingle’ type event but chatting over past times helped take my mind off the pain.

A celebratory week for me. What prizes did you get? 

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