Last Week I Learnt That…#59

  • Signs on the motorway asking for a reduced speed limit with the threat of speed cameras are just that – threats. Our new car has a facility that if the radio is on it will beep if there is a speed camera nearby. For us it is not a problem because my husband NEVER goes over the speed limit. I rarely have the car on my own so of course would not dream of going against his approach would I. So, the upshot is when it says 50mph on the motorway that is what we do despite there being NOTHING to indicate there is work or a problem or any beeps to say there are speed cameras. I find that SO annoying. Hubby just keeps driving (at 50mph of course!)
  • Disclosures about famous people can shock but not surprise.
  • The weather transition from summer to winter can be confusing. It has suddenly got colder but with the beautiful sunshine I’m forgetting to wear something warmer!
  • If I had a blue, flashing light that I could pop onto the top of my car – I would be a happy bunny. This week I witnessed several instances of dreadful road usage. Obviously there is never a policeman or car around when you need one but I so wish I could just turn into one of those TV police characters who just puts the light onto their car roof and off they go.
  • Being offered a cup of tea makes you feel welcome. I haven’t been offered a drink for a number of weeks on a regular visit I make each Monday. I put it down to my host thinking I would be comfortable getting my own but of course I wasn’t. So when I was asked if I would like a drink this week, I felt much better.
  • Never assume that something is going to be difficult. Better to approach a situation with an open mind. I had a big meeting this week which I had planned for being a bit tricky with disagreements and opposition  As it turned out, it was fine. Rather than opposition, there was lots of agreement and enthusiasm for future projects!

So, it was a FAST week for me me. How was your journey? 

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