Last Week I Learnt That…#58

  • Good news is wonderful to hear. Regular readers will know about our concerns for a friend   here ‘Morning’. Well I’m pleased to report they do not have cancer! They do have a very rare blood infection though that is still baffling the experts. However, their body is fighting back, slowly, so we raised a glass when we heard the news.
  • The wind always blows in the wrong direction when you are at a football match!
  • If you don’t ask you’ll never know. I have been struggling to comment on all the entries I am now getting for 5 Sentence Challenge. there are over 100 each time and the numbers are rising. So, I sent out a tweet for help and folks have stepped forward.  I need lots more so if you can spare a few minutes to read 5 sentences and leave a comment, please get in touch!
  • Young people are wonderful. (Linked with above) I have had such a brilliant week, 100 Word Challenge wise. A group of 6th formers have joined Team100WC and some digital leaders in 3 primary schools are now part of Team5SC.
  • They may be the pride of America but some hot dogs are really awful. It might have been due to the fact that I ate one at a football ground but even so…!
  • There is no pleasing a woman about her hair. I have had my hair layered. According to my hairdresser  this means I can flick it up and back and out. Result – I think it looks a mess but hubby likes it!
  • If you have a go, you can be pleasantly surprised. I have been accepted to do a webinar later this month,. That entails me talking in my study to an audience across the world (I hope) Now in order for this to go well my hardware needs to be in good condition. Thankfully I was able to have a ‘technical walk through’ which helped settled my nerves. I know that it all works and they will be able to hear me. Just need to plan what to say now!

Quite an ‘up’ week for me. Tell me about yours! 

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