Last Week I Learnt That….#57

  • Not being bi-lingual can be frustrating. As you will know if you were here last week, 100WC is going Welsh. I found it very frustrating that I had to ask someone to translate EVERYTHING for me. It was so restrictive and has made me determined to do something about it.
  • Working with a group of enthusiastic  like-minded people can be very energizing  I went to the PRU and spent four hours ‘blue-sky’ thinking and planning the provision for our young people. ( comment for UK folk – I think I should let sir Michael Wilshire know that the teachers did not leave until after 7pm!)
  • Having your photo taken can make you happy. I’m not one of those who is comfortable having my photograph taken but I have been nominated for my Governance work and they needed a photo. The photographer came to the school and I spent a lovely 20 minutes of so chatting with a group of teenagers about all sorts of things. There were lots of laughs and smiles! Thank you St Matts!
  • Grown up training can be a bit farcical!
  • The rattles in a new car really get on your nerves!
  • Chinese take-away can feel VERY naughty! As you know hubby has to watch his diet. We were invited to supper with friends where we were going to continue searching for questions for a general knowledge quiz the four of us are running. Rather than take one of the key people out and put her in the kitchen, her husband suggested we had Chinese take-away. It was delicious and I’m sure that was partly because it is a forbidden sin!
  • Cutting the grass as late as possible gives you a sense of readiness for winter. My husband is always disappointed if the weather means that the last cut of the lawn is early in September. He likes it to be as late as possible so that it is not quite so long in the spring. He was a happy bunny today. Well it is 1st Oct tomorrow!

Quite a productive week for me. What about you? 

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