Last Week I Learnt That…#50

  • Manufacturers are very creative when making money. We buy a product regularly and it has been re-branded – new shape, new wording, new colour, same price. So you may ask, what’s the point? Well the point is that the old bottle held 500mls but the new only 400mls thereby making more profit. Cunning eh?!
  • Men do not understand the physics of dust. Hubby and I share the cleaning of the bathroom. He does the ‘white goods’ (bath, toilet, sink) and I dust the room. These tasks are usually done on different days but this week we were vying for access. I went first so picture the scene. Bathroom dusted, hubby picks up the mats and shakes them. Screams of ‘what the £$%&* do you think you are doing?’. Response ‘It’s all right because it falls to the floor and I sweep it up’. !!!!!!
  • Athletes can be under other pressure than needing to win. Several members of Team GB were selected over others who were expected to be in the team. This brought totally unreasonable pressure to people who had nothing to do with the decisions. Overall, the athletes conducted themselves well, taking defeat in their stride and remembering to thank those who got them there. I was however, very disappointed with one who was clearly not fit to take part but took the place thereby preventing another athlete the experience of competing in their home games. Such selfishness does not suit with the Olympic spirit.
  • Ingenuity is very rewarding. I met with some colleagues to talk about class blogs and other IT stuff. Naturally, I wanted to show some examples and therefore would need wifi access. Unfortunately, the school had such a heavy filter on the internet many of the sites were blocked. Nevertheless, by various circuitous routes we got where we wanted to. Hey Big Brother – we’re not beaten yet!
  • Some establishments are well named. We had not visited the coffee house ‘Tart’ before and had always assumed the name referred to the patisserie type cakes that they sell. We had decided that as it was 11.30am (time is important, bear with it) we would have a sandwich, a selection of which were on the ‘Light Bites’ section of the menu. We were just about to take our seats when a waitress came and asked if we wanted breakfast. ‘No just a sandwich’ says I. ‘Oh’ says the waitress ‘we don’t do food between 11.30 and 12’. My look must have told her how daft that sounded in a place serving food and drink. As we walked away she ‘I could see if they would make you a bacon sandwich’. Appropriately named we thought!

A variety of happenings this week. What have YOU been up to? 

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  • Those size reductions have been sneaking in for about a year or so in MY recollection–maybe longer–until I woke up and noticed. Drat.

  • Ha! size reduction, check a famous brand of toothpaste – big niggle for me!

  • Kerenza Jelbert

    Makes good reading, apart from the Olympic athlete part. An athlete with an injury will never train on it 100%…they’ll do 70% training sessions, and then go all out for the first time at some point, which for this athlete was the qualifying. He knew he was injured, but tested it in the OG to see if he could do it. Turned out, he couldn’t! 🙁
    I’m not the only one to think this…Michael Johnson said the same.
    Enjoy your week!

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