Last Week I Learnt That…#48

    • I can get caught up in hype very easily! We went to an Olympic event and it was BRILLIANT! Apologies for the posts about it but it is a ‘once in a life-time’ event, it is in my country and it is proving to be quite an experience. See other posts for details.
    • Being in a different country feels foreign. That may seem a really daft thing to say but when the country is a matter of a few miles from you, it was a surprise how different it felt. Perhaps I’d just got caught up in the moment. Perhaps it was because for us it was a ‘holiday day’ but our trip to Cardiff felt like a foreign holiday. We were tourists, looking at the sights of a capital city. It had been dressed for the occasion of hosting an Olympic event and it did it very well.
    • You can tell which coffee chain you are from the food and coffee you are served. Whilst on our trip, we stopped for coffee and a cake (well it was a holiday day after all). The design of the café was familiar but it was not part of the chain that shared its colour scheme. The cake looked familiar too but from a different company. When we enquired if it was one of a chain and which one, we were told that they were independent but used coffee and cakes from the chains! Enterprising eh?!
    • ‘O’ for Olympics can easily be used to put an extra ‘0’ on the cost of things!
    • The people of this little island have contributed a great deal to the world. The opening ceremony for the Olympics reminded me of our great history. I have to admit that I was feeling very nervous before the opening of the Games. I had heard that it was going to be quirky, very English and a real surprise. That could spell absolute disaster! As it was, it was spectacular. There were a number of tweets saying that is was the complete history curriculum for schools. It certainly went a long way to cover all the things we Brits have been involved in!
    • Heat can make you cold. The day of our Olympic adventure was beautiful. Very sunny and extremely hot. As is our habit – we walked everywhere to view Cardiff’s sights. The instructions from the Olympic organizers were not to take bags into the football stadium. Those actions combined meant us not taking our normal water with us. We did stop for drinks but they were mostly cups of tea. The effect of us getting very hot, little liquid, then cooling while watching the match, resulted in us both going down with chills. I didn’t realize how poorly you can feel but it did not take anything away from the day.

A really exciting week for this lady! How was yours?

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