Last Week I Learnt That….#47

    • Some folks think motorists are daft. We were going to a pub out in the sticks. No parking room around the pub but just across the road was a car park for walkers. Hubby was not happy about having to pay to have a pint but investigated the pay machine. Yes- you did have to pay but there were no tickets given!! The car park was full but I wonder how many had paid? For your information we did not stay as hubby decided with all those cars, the pub would be packed!
    • Crunchy bits in cockles are off putting!
    • The eye can play tricks on the brain. We went on a tour of Shepherd Neame brewery (birthday present for hubby) and at the end it was time for sampling! Although the guide assured us that the three samples in total would not be more than half a pint of beer, I was convinced that I was well on the way to being drunk. Although the glasses were of a reasonable size, their thick bottoms and sloped sides meant they did not hold anywhere near the amount the eye thought.
    • There is another sport to add to this LIST – golf!
    • Service in pubs is not always as good as it might be. I wanted a cup of coffee and as the pub has a restaurant, I presumed that would not be a problem. I was very cross when at 9.45pm I was told the machine had been turned off and they were not allowed to do ‘instant’!
    • Some people forget the purpose of their actions. We waited for the Olympic torch in Faversham. Although we had seen it in Bristol, as we were there and it was on its way we decided to stay. The atmosphere was great with lots of children waving flags, showing off their painted faces. The church had opened its doors to sell tea and delicious homemade cakes. A small band of minstrels wandered the road to keep us all amused. A shout goes up ‘Here it comes!’ A slight surge forward and this flash goes by. The torch bearer clearly wanted to try out for 100 metres final! He was gone before folks realized he was there. I felt really sorry for all those people who had waited so patiently. We had seen it but although they were there, they missed out.
    • I want the Olympics to get started as there is too much bickering going on. I have to say that those folks going on strike the day before the Games open are opportunists who will earn few friends with their actions. My brother in New Zealand tells me that internationally, London is not looking good in the build-up. That is so sad and we have to hope that the Games do justice to all the efforts of the past 7 years!

Quite an exciting week for me. What about you? 

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