Last Week I Learnt That…#45

    • Involving other people in your adventures is very exciting. As you know last week I set the Olympic prompt for the 100 Word Challenge for children. I had a bit of an unfortunate experience (see LWILT #44) but in the end the good s guys won through! Not only did I get some great quotes from Olympians but I had one who wrote a piece that was 100 words long and has since joined the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups! Thank you all!
    • Not everyone can be ‘guilt-tripped’ into doing what you want. Linked with above, there were lots of Olympians who despite lots of tweets did not join in the fun 🙁
    • Being involved in a secret is exhausting! I’ve spoken about secrets in this series before. This time, the secret was above board in that is was shared with a group of people who would be working on it. It could not be public knowledge though and that made it difficult to deal with. As time passes it will be available to all. The decision not to tell all is that until the facts are fully in place, it could cause more harm than good.
    • Seeds are very resilient! Those I told you about last week have not only survived but are growing! Bless them!
    • Being an exhibitor is very tiring. I was invited to Plymouth University to attend their conference celebrating digital leaders. I was not expected to speak but could take along a ‘stall’ outlining the 100 Word Challenge. I was a bit unsure that it would be worth my while but it certainly was. Lots of people stopped by for a chat and took away a flyer. Hopefully, that will mean more schools joining after the summer holidays!
    • Sometimes, you’ve just got to have bacon. I occasionally get a headache that no tablets can touch. However, a sandwich with crispy bacon in it will often get rid of the pain. I wonder if they should sell ‘bacon flavoured’ aspirin?!
    • Watching a contest when there is a reason to support both is very hard. I’m referring to the men’s final of the Wimbledon tennis of course.
    • Refreshers are useful. I’m going to be doing some work with school admissions again this year. It was really good to be an observer and be reminded of what the job consists of before I start again.
    • Fashions happen in crockery as well. We are used to fashions in clothes and many of us have been slaves to some of them I’m sure. With the rise of magazines like Homes and Gardens, there are fashions in interior decor and furniture. There are also it seems, fashion in kitchen utensils. I cant find a spaghetti jar anywhere!

So, there’s mine. How was yours?

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