Last Week I Learnt That …#43

  • Driving in driving rain is terrifying! I had to move into the middle lane as there was a river running down the inside lane. Then a coach decided to move out in front of me and created so much spray I couldn’t see and the wipers went frantic. Not nice!
  • Being invited to a BIG education gathering makes you feel really special. I was asked to chair a discussion on E-Learning in the Primary School as part of the Sunday Times Festival of Education. Now in the great scheme of things with government ministers, educationalists of high regard and some very noteworthy people attending, my bit was minuscule. However, as a ‘speaker’ I parked in a different place and had refreshments in the Master’s Lodge!
  • Twitter is an excellent way to keep a diary. I was due to go to Wales and speak to some teachers about 100 Word Challenge. I had it in my diary for Friday. Imagine my surprise when on Wednesday one of the organizers wished me a safe journey!!! Luckily, it wasn’t too late to get there but I nearly missed it! *Note to self: relearn days of the week
  • Public schools are very grand places. I’m not sure why they are referred to as ‘public schools’ when they are actually fee paying and therefore private but they are very grand!
  • Assumptions can surprise you! I’m doing a lot of work with schools and IT at the moment. I’m busy on twitter with many of them and I am obviously gathering the assumption that the whole world is switched onto ICT. It therefore is very surprising when you visit an area where that is simply not the case. I found myself being very surprised and wondering how that happens. How do schools miss out on vital training and understanding? I say vital because it is 21st Century and IT is here to stay!
  • I really don’t like the wind. I knew I didn’t like it but this week where my hair has been the equivalent of Marilyn Monroe’s dress in ‘Some Like It Hot’, I really, really do not like it.
  • The death of children is extremely distressing. I found myself in tears watching the funerals of those 6 little mites who died together in a fire. What a dreadful way to die and how sad that they needed the world to lay them to rest.

Busy week travelling around, lots of learning and of course – rain! How was your last 7 days?

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  • Your weeks was certainly a mixed bag!
    But I love the image of your hair as Marilyn Monroe’s skirt — terrific. BIG smile.

  • I said this before but I think it’s great that you pause to reflect on the week – you could make this into a weekly challenge – maybe that would force / prompt the rest of us to do the same. I can see only good resulting from the reflection … conversely, of course, I could just do it … 🙂

  • There are still a lot of schools here in the States that aren’t up to the 21st century–sad but true. When I think of how much our district has, it gets me very upset that education is not equal.

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