Last Week I Learnt That…#41

  • Not being in a secret can be quite freeing. Now that is a complicated thing to say isn’t it? I was told that there was a secret and that I might be told it. So I was very excited about it. After all we all love secrets don’t we? Well, it turns out that I was not chosen to hold this secret. At first I was really upset. I felt cheated. I felt unworthy. Then I realized that by not knowing, I don’t have the worry of keeping it. It is very freeing.
  • Long Bank holidays are difficult. I’m not sure if it lies in no longer having a paid job that I can have the days off from. My friend Gemma wrote a great piece about a similar experience ‘Jubilee Schmoozilee’  I think it was the fact that Tuesday was a holiday. Now everyone knows that unless you have a week off, Tuesday is not a holiday. Fridays and Mondays can be but Tuesday made it all very weird.
  • A great deal of planning went into the Queen’s Jubilee. I don’t often to stop and think how these things come about. I just enjoy watching the pageantry. We did know about the rehearsals and I’m sure there have always been such but now with 24/7 media coverage, nothing can be kept secret. Well done all you folks that have spent the last couple of years at the drawing board. It was a great spectacle.
  •  Football has great power. Unfortunately it does not always use it appropriately. I do hope that UEFA will take steps to sort out any racial abuse that occurs during the Euro tournament. I doubt that they will ban countries from holding the contest in future though. It is all about money after all and they could not countenance the loss of revenue that such a decision might bring about.
  • Systems designed to protect can damage. I’m referring to the United Nations Security Council and the five permanent members. These countries have the power of veto. That means they can say no to any suggestions. The original intention back in 1945 was to stop one country riding roughshod over the rest. Unfortunately, national interests are stopping help being given to Syria. The power of ‘No’ was not supposed to continue killing.
  • The weather is a contrary master. Whatever are the weather gods up to? I have got out all my summer clothes (such as they are) and yet had to rummage at the back of the wardrobe for boots and a jumper and it was 7th June!!

Quite a serious week but lots happening. How was yours?

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  • Just recently I found that I wasn’t told something that almost everyone else knew. I confronted my friend because I felt hurt and left out. She didn’t explain why but only to tell me that she didn’t want another woman to know–which meant that she thought I would spread the secret. See–the people she did trust were the ones to let the secret out of the bag! And it wasn’t me!!

  • I agree about being free from the secret Julia and I love this sentence…very powerful “The power of ‘No’ was not supposed to continue killing.”

  • Dawn Travers @bluetherabbit

    Hi Julia

    Some interesting lessons learned this week by you. The weather, ah the good old British weather. I learned that no matter how long you live on this island of ours, the British weather still can surprise and give cause for concern. Will I ever put away my winter fleeces and waterproof shoes for the Summer? I suspect not. However it is still a fantastic small talk opportunity.

  • Julia,
    well done you for finding the positives. I think your view on the secret is so true, sometimes keeping a secret is such a burden. Let other people have their secrets – it all comes out in the end!
    As for the weather! is it driving me crazy. I so want to wear summer clothes and put my coat away.
    thanks for mentioning me.

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