Last Week I Learnt That ….#40

  • There is a card for everything. Did you know you can send a card to a couple when they announce they are having a baby? That’s not when they have HAD the baby but when the baby is confirmed. I had no idea that such things existed. Being a bit worried about these things, I did worry what my son and daughter-in-law would think when I didn’t send one! Are there any other ‘unusual occasions’ that now have cards?
  • A free lunch tastes delicious! I was on a course and all expenses were paid for including lunch. It was not your usual sandwiches and biscuits but we sat down in a restaurant and had a meal. Not only was it very civilized – it was really yummy.
  • The word ‘pilot’ can confuse. By that I am not referring to flying but to a trial of a system or approach. We were told that the training we were doing was a pilot and we had to provide feedback so that before the training was rolled out it could be tweaked. However, given that the training is now and it is supposed to be rolled out in September, I’m not sure any tweaking will be done.
  • Time together is wonderful. This week saw hubby’s birthday and a visit to our son. Nothing special was planned but lunch together and a walk along a river was super. It was an opportunity for me to snap them all too!
  • Presents that have thought behind them are VERY special. One of the presents that hubby received was a tour of an independent brewery. None of us knew that such things existed but thanks to the internet the gift was bought.
  • As you get older presents get more difficult to buy. We have found ourselves replacing items for the home when we are stuck for suggestions for our birthdays. There are only a certain number of pants, socks and after shave one man can have after all!!
  • Picnics are such fun events. Since I retired we have tried to go out once a week on a little adventure taking a picnic with us. It is never a grand affair – just a salad in a box each with a selection from shell fish / eggs / potato salad / couscous. We have even bought pack-away chairs to take with us. Unfortunately due to the British weather they are still fairly pristine but it is the thought that counts!

It was week of celebration and getting ready for summer. How was yours?

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