Last Week I Learnt That…..#4

  • Joining a club can be very isolating. I’m sure that is not the intention but as a newcomer, if you are just left to your own devices it is really horrid. I say this as an adult who has quite a few years on this earth. How must children feel when we push them to join in? As grown ups, we need to make sure that if we invite new comers we treat them very gently and considerately until they are no longer ‘newbies’.
  • Things I learnt at primary school have stayed with me. That may seem like a strange thing to say because primary school was where I learnt to read and write and they have stayed with me (although thank goodness for spell checker!) What I’m referring to are things that are ‘extra-curricular’. In this case it is reading music. I learnt to play the recorder around 8 years old and although I have not been involved in formal music since I was a teenager, I was able to find my way round a very complex score and keep up!
  • People can be very rude! ‘Thank you’ are two small words but they hold a great deal of power. Why do people not use them? I’m not only talking about the ‘real’ world but also the virtual one. I enjoy spreading the love via twitter etc but find it really hurtful when a) folks don’t say thank you and b) never think to the same!
  • ‘Walking in the rain with the one I love’ is not just a song title – it’s true!
  • I did have some skills as a Head teacher. I was able to put them into action this week and although it was talking to parents on the phone, I felt good that I was able to help. I suppose it links to the point above about never losing some learning.

How was your week? Was it frustrating or great? Write about it and come back and tell us about it! 

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