Last Week I Learnt That…#39

  • Buying a new toy can be very nerve racking! I bought an ipad but I’m still not sure what I’m doing with it. I seem to be quite nervous of the little silver rectangle!
  • Falling out with a loved one is hard but positive. Sometimes in a close relationship you let things go rather than speaking up but gradually the strength of the relationship is such that it forces the problem out in the open. That can be hard and very stressful but it means that you can then rebuild.
  • A day at the seaside can lift your spirits. I went to a conference in Plymouth and although I did not see the sea, it was a really bright day with lots of good vibes that I’m sure came from the coast.
  • You can only take the horse to water. It has to drink itself. I’m the chair of a management committee which is like a governing body. The other members are really nice folk and say they want to help but we end up with very little being done. This is frustrating but understandable I suppose as they are, like me, volunteers.
  • Skype is a great invention. It is so easy to get things sorted out when you can have a face to face conversation rather than constant emails back and forth. I’m interested in the fact that from a confidence point of view, setting up a Skype session with someone seems much easier to do than approaching a stranger in a room. Is that because you are both on your ‘home’ ground? Is it because the initial connection has already been made? Or is it because being part virtual there is an element of it not being real?
  • A garden is a hard task-master. When in season it is glorious. It will give you some time between season to relax and decide on the next but leave it too long and it will scream at you every minute that ‘You need to get out here and sort me out!’
  • Completing a job that you have been putting off gives you immense satisfaction (yes- I heard the garden and planted the summer bedding!)

Another mixed bag for me. What about your week?

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  • About Skype: because you have already broken the ice with e-mail, having a virtual face-to-face is much easier than approaching a stranger in the room..

  • Have you downloaded the WordPress App to your iPad?

    I use the App all the time for my posts, I very rarely open my laptop anymore 🙂


  • Interesting —
    I find Skype makes me majorly embarrassed and distracted and uncomfortable in general.
    Give me “in person” any day —
    Only problem of course is that we’re all so far away from each other!!! And Skype does do a good job about that part.

  • I like that you are aware enough that you can write “last week I learned that …” #39 even!

  • I think the difference with Skype v/s in person is partly because you are on your home ground, more relaxed in familiar surroundings. The virtual element is a bit unreal – this is stuff we (I, at least) would watch on cartoons (remember the Jetsons?) or sci-fi shows when I was little. To watch it all happening now is kind of unreal. I also think that sometimes physical presence carries with it a kind of energy that can be either good or bad or welcoming or intimidating. On screen, though you see the person, you are not in that physical element that can distract.

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