Last Week I Learnt That….#37

  • When something gets into your head, it is very difficult to get it out! Hubby has a habit of keeping worries to himself. He will think and think and think and usually I only know that he has been worrying after it is all over. Is that a male thing?
  • Seeing yourself on a video does nothing for the confidence! I don’t mean that actual presentation but surely I’m not THAT big?!
  • Meeting up with like minded folks can give you a real buzz. I went to a Teach Meet this week. That is just like it says on the tin – a meeting of teachers – who get together to share ideas for classrooms. This one was a big affair with a keynote speaker and food and lots of ‘sale’ but it was still great to see all the great things that folks are doing in classrooms for our children.
  • When an area of town is struggling with business it can make you feel very low. The present economic climate is putting a great strain on trade I know but somehow you always seem to be able to think that it is happening in someone else’s town. We popped to the shops across the other side of our city this week and goodness it was so depressing. Shops boarded up, graffiti everywhere and even the shoppers seemed to look depressed.
  • It is impossible to have a conversation in a pub when there is football on the television. We met up with friends after going to the last game of the football season. Unfortunately, the FA Cup final was being shown on the various televisions around the bar. I can understand folks wanting to WATCH the match but do they need the volume so high that you can’t hear yourself think let alone talk?
  • Rain, cold and no sun in May is JUST NOT RIGHT!
  • My imagination is not as good as it needs to be. Linked with the comment above, I am finding it very difficult to think about packing to visit somewhere warmer when the weather is so miserable here!

It was cold, wet but I was on TV (of sorts!) How was yours?

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  • Ha ha ha, I have a husband like that too! 😉


  • I really enjoyed that video — and I have no connection whatever with the subject matter. You’re clear, focused, and best of all — funny when appropriate, which lifts the whole thing!
    And NOT big, the outfit is very nice, just enough attention-getting but not distracting, and your hair is lovely. What more is necessary?

  • Valuable lessons all! Remember, the video camera adds thirty-five million pounds…No, seriously, I hope you realize that what you say and do and believe and think and awaken in others is going to be noticed a lot more that your size. I am that size too — the AM I THAT BIG???? size. But unlike the first 50 years of my life, I’ve been released by knowing that most people are thinking about what they look like, not what you look like. Be your own strong, confident, wonderful self, and “…Damn the torpedos; full speed ahead!” 😎

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