Last Week I Learnt That….#33

  • Religious holidays seem to have disappeared. I’m not a religious person myself although I do like to visit churches and cathedrals and get a sense of peace from them. As a youngster, life seemed to be arranged around the various festivals. When I say life I mean things like shops opening and every day services being carried out. Easter was the LONG holiday where nothing moved for 4 days. There was no post, no buses and few shops open. This year it has been business as usual it seems. I even got my dustbin emptied on Good Friday!
  • Easter is a problem for me. Not sure why. Maybe it is the sadness of the story that always seemed to be emphasized rather than the glory of Easter Day. It was also not helped by the deaths of both my parents in April – one on 1st and the other 10th within two years of each other. No, I don’t like Easter very much.
  • Friends are good to have. Although I lost a friend this week (see ‘Tears’), another got back in touch. I had been in contact via text as she had a series of awful events in her life but she had not felt stronger enough to meet. Our get-together was super. Lots of chatting, laughing and gossiping. I’m glad she is better.
  • You need to shop early. Disaster struck the household when we found out that the shop had sold all its Easter eggs. Serves us right for not making up our minds earlier about whether we were going to indulge!
  • Recycling takes time. Our council has taken the sensible decision to get us to recycle more items. To encourage us they have replaced our large wheelie bins with smaller ones and given us an array of boxes. We have got a brown bin, a black box and now a great big green box. They have sent clear instructions of what goes where and when we put some black plastic in the green box, left us a very polite message about it not being appropriate for recycling. I applaud this move. However, next time I’m going to be away for the collection, can you remind me to put aside an hour to sort the recycling for two weeks as it really mounts up!
  • It was comforting to see the sun but to need to put my coat on. Yes – it’s ‘proper’ April!

A mixed bag from me. How was your week? 

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  • Many thanks everyone. It is so good to see the different Easter experiences. It is wonderful that you have all shared here.

  • I’m a pastor in cental Kansas, United States. Easter for us was glorious…our congregation has rebuilt the building after a tornado took away the 100 year old one a few years back and now we are rebuilding the congregation’s community. It’s hard. But this Easter we baptized a family of four (mother and three children…dad stays home while they are learning and stretching spiritually), and four others who are military folks continually re-potting their lives. They’ll be here a bit as they have decided to add to their family (due in July!) and let their children stay in one school distict for a while. STrange to have warm weather, summer-like, at EAster but maybe that is God saying we are ready to grow and produce fruit…!
    OTher things I learned is that my mother-in-law likes to ‘mince’ rather than to ‘cut up’ fruits and potatoes…I have never had so much fruit reduced to such a small bowl! {LOUD chuckle here} and it was a very fast boil on the potatoes or they would have made great water for potato bread!
    I learned that my children don’t really want the Easter Bunny to come, just the things that fall into their baskets…this is the first year we haven’t dyed eggs and no one complained. (WHEW)
    I learned that it is refreshing to come home to the table set, the dinner prepared and the family in a good mood, things I am usually responsible for but that my mother-in-law enjoyed taking care of with my daughter while I finished up at church. Amazing…I felt like a husband must feel! LOL!
    Happy Easter and a blessed week to you all!

  • This Easter I really experienced the hope of a glorious reunion with all of my loved ones in a homeland built and paid for by a loving God.

  • Since my mother left us over a year ago, Easter isn’t much of a celebration either. She was the glue that held us all together.

    I had the family for Easter brunch. It went well. The sun came out just as a teaser then it started to sprinkle. It didn’t feel like Easter or a proper spring.

  • I finally saw the sun too Julia – Portland, Oregon, where I live had the wettest March on record, and to see the sun this weekend was a day brightener (no pun intended)! So I ventured to the Saturday Market down by the waterfront on Saturday, then visited the Chinese Gardens on Easter Day and discovered an array of colorful and fragrant flowers – a lovely time at both places 🙂

  • Mrs Travers

    Hi Julia

    You prove in your post you never stop learning.

    I learnt that although I am native British through and through, the changeable British weather still never fails to surprise me. And because the introduction of a hosepipe ban in my area means that, like rain on St Swithins Day, we will now get at least what seems like 40 days and 40 nights of rain.

    I am learning still to cope with school holidays where my children are being independent of me with what they want to do. At 19 & 17 it should be no surprise, but I still find it hard and strange to not be needed for entertaining anymore.

    Perhaps I need to go back to a job where I no longer need the school holidays off. Food for thought.

  • Ian

    My week was great, Julia, but I am not sure that I learnt anywhere near as much as you. I did learn how to paint a nursery properly, though!

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