Last Week I Learnt That…..#2

  • The human body will not be rushed. We had been out for a lovely supper the evening before. It was a bit richer than we would normally have so the next morning our tummies were in a bit of a state. I had a meeting at the Council House in the centre of the city and was panicking that I might not get there in time (if you see what I mean!) Well I did but as I was settled the fire alarm went off! Now I hadn’t asked if there was a planned fire drill that morning. I hadn’t seen any notices. So I began to panic. Would the security guard remember that I had left my bag with him to go to the toilet? Could I persuade my system to ‘hurry up’? Would anyone here me down in the bowels (sorry for the pun!) of government?  Thankfully, the alarm stopped and I was able to relax. I did think though that perhaps we need to have a ‘just in case’ plan for these situations!
  • Social media and families sometimes collide.
  • Although the jury is still out on Mozart, I have really enjoyed singing again. I haven’t been to a choir rehearsal yet but just looking at a score and singing my part was great. It took me back to my youth when Choir was such a major part of my life. It certainly lifts you and for a little while you step off the whirling roundabout of life.
  • When you are down, chocolate is helpful but nothing beats a hug from your son who has driven 2 hours on a surprise visit and presents you with a huge bunch of roses!
  • The recession is having an impact. That may seem like a ridiculous thing to write when thousands of people have been made redundant. I know it is having an impact but for us because we are retired, the impact has been in the form of increased prices and virtually no interest on our savings. I am very lucky in having a husband who can work these finances out, moving them around so that we do not have massive holes in our budget. From early in my headship career we have always gone out for supper somewhere on a Sunday. It was a way of making the day bearable and not focussed on the return to school on Monday. Living in Bristol, we are spoilt for choice and have many different countries we can visit. However, just recently some of our ‘eateries’ have closed down. This has surprised me because they have been from cultures that traditionally have the family working for them and one assumes (incorrectly) that the turn-overs do not need to be so high. I just hope the rest can hang in there until things pick up. How has the recession hit you?

How was your week? What things stick in your memory? Post about it and link here to share life!

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