You know when you’re old when…..!

you will no doubt have seen all the press coverage of research into people’s perception of different stages of age. Apparently, 58 is now old! Bunkum! Youth finishes at 35! Again, tosh!I’ve seen some 3o somethings who really don’t look young!!

Anyway, to add to the dialogue – you know when you’re old when you have to pay £85.50 to renew a passport!! When did that price hike happen? What happened to the fun in the photo booth when you tried to get into various poses before the flash? I knew I had to keep a straight face for the passport but had planned a ‘smiley one’ for the album. No way! You have one go then 4 of the same come out. I don’t care how old you get, that photo is never a true likeness – right? The only comforting aspect of the whole experience was the lady in the post office confirming that the only change from the old picture was the colour of my hair. So..I’ll take that as a compliment & snub my nose at that ‘old at 58’ nonsense!

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  • I think the woman at the post office sounds awesome! 😀 x

  • Paula

    £85.50?!?! Good job I can’t afford to take any holidays abroad for the next millenium then!

    Old is definitely a state of mind, in my head I’m still late 20s at a push…..sadly the photo’s tell a different story. I vote that we all get to change our passport photos to the avatar of our choice-like Twitter!


    • Quite like the idea of being a daffodil!
      I was quite pleased that the old photo showed a fatter face than now. The lines had multiplied though!!

  • Eternal youth, Julia? What is your secret?!

    I’m the big four-oh this year and while I think I’ve made my peace with it, I’d say ask me again in September! They say I’m only as old as the woman I feel, but Her Up North is older than me! Argh…

    Enjoying your blog btw x

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