Writer’s block – how to beat it!

Writer's block

Writer’s block is pants! For some I suppose it can be terminal but it certainly is not nice. As those of you who are regular readers here will know, I’ve taken up the 30 Day Blogging Challenge, run by Sarah Arrow. It is a way to build your blogging muscles so that you can write regularly. Well today is Day 22 and I’m stuck. I’ve hit that wall and the mind is empty of ideas and the spirit flagging to get going.

So, as all experienced writers advised, write about what you know so here is my list of what to do when writer’s block descends.


I’m not good at planning really despite loving a list. I write things on it but find sticking to it difficult. When I started the challenge, planning was THE piece of advice was to plan. To try to get myself into the routine I’ve created a very pretty calendar and am using my coloured pens but I am still missing some topics. We were away for a few days and I got all my post scheduled so that I did not miss a day, so I do know the benefit of planning – honest!

Stick to the plan

Seems logical but as I have explained above, having plan does not get the writing done. you have to build in a routine so that writing at a certain time becomes second nature. Apparently, it takes an average 21 days for a habit to be embedded so I suppose I’m at the optimum time where it could go either way. It is important to remember that you need to train yourself to make it a habit so have reminders around or get your partner to give you that encouragement.

Change the surroundings

I have found that I am ready to write but don’t know what to write about and that writer’s block is well and truly established. At these times, I have found going out, usually with hubby, can break that blockage and the Muse will return.

Visit other posts

My writing at the moment is on a blog and I have found inspiration from reading some of my ‘back catalogue’ and from visiting other blogs. You are not likely to be in a position where you are the only one ever to have written about that subject so go and take a look.

Write when the Muse is with you

If you are like me and you get times when you feel you could write all day, do so. Well get as much writing done as possible. Build up some copy to ‘put in the bank’ for those times when she is nowhere to be seen.

Obviously, this is a challenge that needs me to write every day but apart from that there is no pressure. For those who earn money from blogging it must be hard but I think you do have your topics given so maybe it is not so difficult to think of things to write about. for me it is like getting supper. I’m happy to cook it but can someone else give me an idea of what to cook!

So, in the spirit of support, what can I write about? give me some suggestions and I’ll add them to my plan – I promise!

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  • travelwithmrst

    Great post Julia! When I first started my blog, I came up with themes for each day of the week to help me get past writer’s block. I have Tech Tidbits Tuesdays, Feast On It Fridays, and Celebration Saturdays for example. It has really helped me plan, since as soon as I write one, I start brainstorming possible subjects for my next one (but then I have a week to make a decision!!) I love reading the variety of things you post. I’ll continue even after the 30 Day Blogging Challenge is over!!

  • I’ve found that wrting my Morning Pages, is a great way to get the creativity going on my blog, Julia!

  • Great advice Julia I’m struggling to sit at computer at moment so I’m scribbling on a writing pad
    Just need to plan time to blog it!

  • splashofindigo

    I need to make a list of topics in advance each month. Once I know what topic I want to write about, I have a better time completing my posts. If I try to just work a day or two at a time, my brain freezes and I can’t think of a thing to say.

    • I know that feeling Tammy. Do you have one topic per month that you write about? How many posts do you publish? Not sure I’d have enough to say;)

  • That’s interesting Gilly! I will have a go!

  • You could always go with an A-Z of something, when the muse really hits, stay in tune as long as you can and write down all your ideas and inspirations in a separate book, and before long you will have your own ready made reference to help get over writers block. Loved the way you started this post “Writer’s block is pants”! Grabs the attention

  • So true with planning and a change of surroundings, as I find it gives you time to think through for the days ahead.

  • Ill give you a small list maybe they will work > 1-Write a poem about a romance 2- Describe a dream 3- Write about your favorite childhood toy. 4- Write out the best or the worst day of your life.

  • Okay, I will! this one came up in my writing group this week, so I’ve done it as a flash fiction that I was told I should submit to a competition. Write about a single flower – preferably without it being to sentimental.

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