Who Are You?

Don’t worry. This is not the beginning of a CSI episode with the Who blaring out the signature tune.
It is a plea for some help. I hope you have caught up with the latest project here – Daily Dip. This is a  post from different class blogs each day that is showcased here on the blog so that (hopefully!) more people will see it. I’m not sure how much attention it is getting yet but that is not the main purpose of this post.
When I trawl the internet (often via twitter) for posts to select, I cannot find many details of which school it is or where in the world it is. Part of the promotion of a post is to spotlight the school and the work that is going on but unfortunately I have had to ignore some when despite my best attempts, I can’t find anything out other than the blog name. Some of those are so imaginative I could never work out the age group let alone the locality!
We have had similar problems over at 100WC.net but now that there is a Sign Up form at least I have somewhere to search. However, how many of the visitors to your blogs will bother to search? They may ‘pop in for the one’ but not be seen again. Giving them more information may help persuade them to come back for more.
So – could I ask that you make it easier to find the name / age group of the class, name of the school and where in the world it is please?
We could also do with it being easier to leave comments rather than having to join secret societies but that is for another post!

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