When your phone pings!

When your phone pings

I was pinged on Friday with a message that said I had been close to someone who has tested positive & should self-isolate for 10 days.

Now, this may seem reasonable but:

  • I have had both my vaccinations.
  • I did a Lateral Flow Test & I am negative.

It now means that I need to stay indoors until 11th July. Thankfully, we have a garden but…! One problem with all this is that we had a short holiday booked for 6th July so that has had to be cancelled. To rebook is going to cost nearly double because of course, we are going into the most expensive time of the year. That’s why we booked in April with the proviso that we could change dates but of course the bit about not keeping the same cost was hidden in the T&Cs!

It is amazing how 10 days of your life can produce so much work to rearrange when your phone pings.

  • I had an eye test booked for 4th July & the next available date now is September.
  • The present restrictions mean that we had booked restaurants for the evenings we were away so they had to be contacted & many are now full.
  • In the same vein, we had also booked places to visit so they had to be changed.

Then of course was arranging a different date for the trip. As I’ve already explained our room was far more expensive & of course, events that were happening across the new dates had to be changed. That means:

  • My blood donation is now in August
  • Our hair appointment is on hold as the hairdresser is very busy & hopes to get away himself.

So, I have been thinking about what happens when your phone pings. We have followed ALL the rules since Day 1. In fact having cancelled our big trip to New Zealand in Feb 2020 just before the pandemic hit, losing £7K, we have been behaving responsibly since before the start. But maybe I’m reaching the end of my tether. It just feels so unfair




We are safe. No one has died. It is only 10 days. Compared to so many thousands of families pandemic experience – this is peanuts.

This post from Seth Godin popped into my inbox this morning & it has really made me think about what is coming along the road. Rules have been made to keep everyone safe. I took the responsibility to follow them. We are now moving into what the government is referring to as ‘Freedom Day’. Will society understand that with freedom comes responsibility or will you take no notice when your phone pings?

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