What is the Purpose of Education?

We’re a non-partisan, location-independent organization aiming to kickstart a debate around the question: What’s the purpose of education? With a 3-year plan, a series of campaigns, and a weekly newsletter we aim to empower people to get involved and make a difference in their neighbourhood, area and country. (Purpos/ed )

This is the explanation of a new campaign that is gathering pace. If you are a grandparent, parent, teacher, student – basically anyone over the age of 5, you probably have an answer for the question posed above or at least an opinion. We want to hear those opinions so that they can be gathered to really set the agenda for the future design and implementation of our education system.
At a recent conference delegates were encouraged to provide 3 slides and, if chosen, speak for 3 minutes on ‘the Purpose of Education’ (3×3). We only had time to hear 9 presentations and they were all completely different. So… I am laying down the gauntlet and inviting YOU to share your vision. This can be either by leaving a comment below or by writing a post and linking it below. If you prefer to speak for 3 minutes you could always record your thoughts!
Here is my 3X3 to give you an idea of what they look like in format.

The purpose of Education is to create a tool box of skills & knowledge to enable an understanding of your place in the world

We are like empty tool boxes just waiting to be filled with all the things we will need to live & prosper in this world. The tool box is in the garden to represent the world in which we live.

The purpose of Education is to encourage, develop & sustain creativity, enthusiasm, energy & a sense of purpose

We need to take our skills and knowledge and make something of them that will improve the world. That means we have to nurture creativity and ideas and make them shine out!

The purpose of Education is to create individuals with a sense of social responsibility & a willingness to take an active part in society

Keeping all of the ideas, knowledge, creativity to ourselves in no good. It has to be shared within society and for society
Now in order to spread the debate, to open it up beyond the world of education we need your views and support. I know as a reader here you do have views and are passionate about our children and what happens to them. Leave a comment or better still write a post and link it below. If nothing else, visit Purpose Education to see more 3×3 and add your voice to  THE CAMPAIGN!

This is a cross-post with ‘What Will Julia Do Next?’ as they reach different audiences but both will have views

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  • Anonymous

     Many thanks Steve for your comment. It is interesting to see that despite all the work that has been done on LEARNING & teaching, there is still this gap.

  • Stevecp

    In recent work with a group of trainee teachers from an HEI I was again struck by the fact that many have not, even later on their training, seen the essential and critical difference between ‘teaching’ the pupils and facilitating learning. As soon as you look at the issue from the learner’s perspective you understand what good teaching is. I take it as part of the teacher educator’s role to make sure that this particular horse comes in front of the cart. 

  • Great 3 sentences! Here are mine: The purpose of education is to…
    Cultivate all that is good.
    To overcome any obstacles that would hinder growth into a whole person.
    To help discover the different qualities that make up each person with the aim of developing a sense of individual and corporate purpose.

    • Anonymous

      I love the ‘individual & corporate purpose! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment Sam.

  • Anonymous

    I’m with Maggy on this! I’m thinking too and hoping to come back to it . I also have the difficulty that my blog is not a personal one and I don’t want to pigeon hole the views of others I represent etc. That said, I’m going to sleep on it and try and come up with something in the morning.
    (though with a 14 month on and a 17 month old you must appreciate ‘sleeping on it’ does not mean I will necessarily approach the topic refreshed after 8 hours sleep 😉

    • Anonymous

      I know what you mean. I had pages of notes at first then got stuck on the photos! Stripped it all back to some key words & it made more sense.
      As for sleeping – of course you don’t!! 😉 Many thanks for all your support Pooky!

  • maggy, red ted art

    Oh my Julia, this topic is “so big” where to start where to start… love your 3 sentence.. how could I phrase them any better?!?!?!?!? Aaargh.
    Will have a good old think!Maggy

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