What is it about sport? 100WCGU#185

100 word challenge for grown ups

The Olympics, the Test match and the start of the football season – what is it about sport that gets us Brits so engaged?


What sport? 

Football is supposed to be our national sport. We used to have a break from it over the summer but there is a game being played somewhere, all year round and thanks to TV we can watch it!

Cricket, once the preserve of a minority, now has 20/20 which is fast, played in the evening and designed to engage youngsters whose concentration levels may not cope with 4/5 day Test matches.

Tennis via Wimbledon with its strawberries and cream, fills our screens for two weeks and the few corporation courts that are left, are filled with aspirational Andy Murrys and Roger Federers. 


The BIG one

Every four years we experience the BIG one in the form of the Olympic Games. We are introduced to a myriad of sports, some we have never heard of and many which would be out of the reach of most of us should we want to take them up.

But that doesn’t matter. What matters is being able to invest emotion into the event. To take on that pressure felt by the cyclist or the swimmer or the gymnast. We wow at the unexpected successes and feel let down if the predicted gold medal doesn’t come. For two weeks, every four years we become experts, interested parties and acquire that ‘I could do that’ mentality. 


Latest prompt

With all this activity, I felt it only right to explore what it is about sport that gets our juices running if only for flashes of time. The prompt is:

…With a little effort I wonder if could do that?…


The linky will close on Sunday. Please remember to use the prompt as given in your post. 

It’s only 100 words so have a go!

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