What if…….?

Do you day-dream? Do you give yourself permission to sit back, close your eyes & wonder ‘What if…?’ I bet if you do it includes money somewhere along the line. My OH & have often said that to win a huge amount of money would be really difficult but a figure around £40,000 would be just right.

We are lucky enough to have paid for our house so if we had that sort of sum it would go towards some luxury things. Maybe a new car. Certainly help to our son for his wedding. Of course, we would go on a wonderful trip.

Well, I am pleased to tell you  that YOU have the chance of wining £40,000! Those wonderful people at PayPal are running a weekly draw with the fantastic prize of a years salary – £40,000. It couldn’t be easier to enter. You just have to buy something & pay via PayPal – that’s it! Each time you buy something, you get an entry into the draw. Just think of all those Christmas present you will be buying over the next few weeks – one of them may get you £40,000!

So…back to the daydream! Just imagine all the latest electrical gadgets you could get from Dell. You know that I’ve entered the MoonWalk so it would be great to browse around Nike for all the gear to help me round that 26 miles! Those of you with children would welcome a large cheque to spend at Toys R Us I’m sure.

So pop along & have a look at the PayPal site which will give you the terms & conditions as well. Then sit back, browse, pay & keep your fingers crossed! Good luck!

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