Walking is good for you!

Walking is good for you

Walking is good for youThe Huffington Post shared nine reasons why walking is good for you. I’m not sure that they would all apply to me but I thought I’d share my key 3 in the hope that it may help you get moving!

Walking is good for you

Even gentle walking will get your heart pumping and that is good for you. Often, any form of getting your body moving can be regarded as  ‘exercise’ and for some people that is definitely a negative word. It has all sorts of connotations for them including getting hot, puffed out and exhausted!

The fact of the matter is that all those symptoms listed above are good for your health so the approach should be a compromise for those who really don’t like the thought of ‘getting healthy’. I certainly don’t think of walking as exercise unless it’s like those women who do it in the Olympics and move their arms quickly and look as if they are actually running!


Anyone can do it

Obviously there are some conditions that prevent moving of any sorts but conditions such as arthritis, obesity and even later stages of pregnancy benefits from gentle walking. Pain in chronic illness can often be eased by just gently walking even for a few minutes.

When the years are going by, making sure you get out once a day can really help maintain your physical, emotional and mental health. You don’t need to have ‘done it when you were young’ either and you will be surprised how much better you will feel when you get back home.


It is FREE!

You don’t need any special gear or equipment. You don’t have to join an organisation or go somewhere special. You just get up out of your seat! You could just walk around the house although you wouldn’t get some of the benefits mentioned above.

Obviously if you want to really get into it, you can all the gear etc but they are not necessary to get walking.

So, there you have it. Reasons why walking is good for you! One of the best reasons for me is that after a walk I can have that piece of cake with my ‘well done’ cuppa!


Do you walk every day? Tell us how your thoughts about this idea that walking is good for you.


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  • Sarah Jackson

    I set myself a personal fitness challenge at the start of March. It’s a year long. To get as fit as I can be in that time! It’s been a weeny rollercoaster! Walking was where I began. I like to walk along the river and love to walk with hubs. I then joined a health club and found I felt much better doing classes (more alive afterwards and less tired) .. however, since starting walking I miss the outdoors if I don’t do it now. And cycling is great, because you can cover more ground and see more sights along the way! I can’t choose my favourite!!

  • Indeed, I walk every day: to the fridge, to the loo, to bed, to collect the newspaper in the morning. 😀 😀 I jest.
    I walk twice a week with a walking buddy.

  • I pretty much have to walk everyday as i can’t park at work. It’s just 15 minutes each way and I try to walk for another 20 at lunchtime if it isn’t raining. I can’t bear to stay at my desk and it helps to keep me awake through the afternoon. Apart from that dog walking on the beach, at the woods or even just the park is good for my soul and makes me feel alive!

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