Want to talk? Join me for a virtual coffee date

Virtual coffee date


Virtual coffee date


Grab a chair. Have a cushion and make yourself comfortable. Fancy a biscuit? I’m really looking forward to our Virtual Coffee Date.

If we were meeting today for coffee:

I’d tell you how annoyed I got yesterday in the restaurant at the supermarket we go to. We have this ritual – go and have 2 cups of coffee (one decaff of course) a couple of sandwiches and then do our shopping. This happens on Mondays, the day of the week I have real difficulty with so it gives the week a relaxed start.

Not last time. It was like being in a playground. Now, don’t roll your eyes like that and mutter ‘typical retired intolerance’.

I know it’s the school holidays and that children will be shopping with mums and grandmas (interesting that I didn’t see dads) but do they have to run around the restaurant screaming? I felt really sorry for the staff who were carrying hot drinks around. There would have been all hell to pay if there had been a collision. Sadly, most of the time the adults were on their phones seemingly oblivious to it all.

Do you get annoyed with interruptions like these to your coffee breaks?


If we were meeting for coffee today

I’d tell you how fed up,I am with the weather. I don’t feel as if we’ve had any real sun. I got my summer clothes out around April I think but haven’t really worn them very much. Don’t you feel cheated? Weather over the late Spring and Summer is always a bit hit and miss in England but somewhere there is usually a period of warm days. I never realised how the weather affects me.

Have you heard of SAD? It’s a condition where seasonal changes can lead to depression and is often associated with the winter and lack of sunshine folks need light during the winter months. Well, I think I’ve got the summer version! We went to Normandy but that wasn’t much better. It’s not far from the English coast though so there will be similarities I suppose.

How do you deal with the miserable weather?


If we were meeting for coffee today:

I’d share with you that I’m thinking of starting a business! Not sure what but it will have an online feature and include stuff I’m passionate about. Having got to this age I do know about getting the right people to help you with your dreams and boy, have I got a couple who are in my corner. Not revealing yet but I’m a bit excited!

Have you are passion that you could turn into a business?


Well, my list of things to talk about is really long, but I think I need to let you get a word in!

What would you like to share on this Virtual Coffee Date?

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  • I don’t get why parents let their kids run amok in public spaces where people go to relax. My kids are 5 and 9 and they know how to behave. It boggles the mind!

    • It has become more the ‘thing’ I think. To take children out for coffee. It is good for them to socialise but some establishments are not suitable really.

  • I stopped going to one coffee shop because every time it was like a crèche with one corner totally taken up by buggies. No problem with young mums meting up to chat but did they have to let the kids go,racing around and disturbing the peace for everyone else?..
    Am intrigued by yiur plans to,go into business. What’s the timing?

    • My husband refers to buggies as ‘wheelbarrows full of the garden shed’!

      I’ve no concrete plans ATM. It will need a budget to get it started & as a pensioner I need to make sure I get some income back.

  • Oh yes, I’d rant with you!

  • Yes, I can definitely relate to your coffee date woes. I too dislike and am frustrated by parents who don’t parent their children. And on the topic of SAD…well, I have had it since I moved to rainy Oregon from sunny California. I take Vitamin D every day. In the winter months, my dose might get increased and I also use a light box. In addition, I have changed all of the bulbs in my house from those energy efficient yet dull light ones to super bright and I don’t care how high my power bill might rise. It was 91 degrees here today. I also long for the summer to arrive, but 91 is too hot for me!

  • So pleased someone else struggles to get going. I’ve been like that all week.
    I enjoyed our virtual date, thank you !

  • Hi Julia, Love the idea of virtual coffee dates!

  • I love the variety of our great british weather – I never watch the forecast so am never dissapointed. I must admit I avoid coffee shops with loads of kids in even though I am a mum i like to go and have a drink and a read without the constant mum mum mum. However I am also one of those mums that can zone out and not hear her kids unless they are tugging on my hair or climbing all over me. As for a business oh yes follow your dreams I work with lots of women just like you who start a business to become empowered and they never regret it.

  • Virtual Coffee dates are great, I’ve had a few lately

  • I feel your Monday pain – Mondays & Tuesdays are our ‘weekend’ and the school holidays are always a shock to the system when out and about. We also forget the cinema until September xx

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